Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Children of Janos Veres and Maria Visnyinsky/Visnyiczky - Part Two

Mihaly Veres was born in Janok, Hungary, on July 4, 1874.  He and his wife, Barbara Grebely, had children Stephen, Joseph, Mary, and Frank Joseph -- who was born on July 26, 1900.

In March of 1901, Mihaly made his first trip to the United States aboard the S.S. Barbarossa.  He went to the home of his brother Joseph in Toledo, Ohio, staying in the U.S. for a few years.  He again left Hungary in April of 1914 on the S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam.  This time Mihaly's destination was the home of his brother Frank, also in Toledo.  Again, he remained there for a few years before returning to Janok, where he died on March 18, 1953.

His son Frank Joseph Veres also immigrated to the United States.  On November 6, 1921, he arrived at the port of Detroit on the Canadian-Pacific Railway and then made his way to Toledo where he lived with his uncle Frank Veres.  He married Rose Strini, was very active in the Toledo community, raised a family, and died from a lung tumor and congestive heart failure on April 30, 1962.  He is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Ferenk (Frank Joseph) Veres was born in Janok, Hungary, on October 25, 1879.  He immigrated to Toledo, OH, in 1902 as "Stefan Kondas" aboard the August Victoria, and lived in the home of his brother Joseph.

In March of 1908 he married Barbara Toth.  In December of that year their son Frank Andrew was born.  Their other children were Joseph (born in 1910), Anna (1912), Andrew (1916), and Barbara (1917).

Frank's occupation was a moulder.  He retired in 1954.  On August 17, 1958, he died from a cerebral hemorrhage due to high blood pressure.  He is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

The wedding photograph is of Frank and Barbara's wedding.  The second photo is of Mihaly.


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