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Children of Janos Veres and Maria Visnyinsky/Visnyiczky - Part Three

Emery Veres was born in Janok, Hungary, on May 2, 1882.  He came to the United States in about 1902 and married Maria Pal (Mary Paul).  In 1905 they were living in Toledo, OH.   

They had a very large family.  Daughter Elizabeth was born in New Derry, PA, in 1906.  Others born in the Heilwood/Johnstown area where Emery worked as a coal miner were:  Emery (1907), Steve (1909), Helen (1912), Julia (1914), John (1915), Joe (1917), and Frank (1919).

In 1920, the family moved to Lynch, KY, where Emery also worked in the coal mines.  Daughter Margaret was the first to be born there in 1921 followed by:  Emma (1922), Rosie (1924), and Andrew (1926).

Emery died in Lynch on March 5, 1938 following an appendectomy.  Mary died there on September 4 of the same year.  The cause of her death was 'tuberculosis of the second cervical vertebre' and 'bronchi pneumonia'.  They are both buried in the Lynch Coal Camp Westlawn Cemetery. 

Emery is on the wagon in the above photo.


Janos Veres and Maria Visnyinsky had some children that died at a very young age.

Maria (the first one with this name) died in 1872, at only a few months old. 

A second daughter named Maria was born and also died in Csecs, Hungary, in 1873.

Imre died at at 2 1/2 years old on September 2, 1880.

Erzsebet, who was born in Janok, Hungary, on December 30, 1884, died on May 30, 1888.

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